A building that combines healthy and innovative solutions

A building that combines healthy and innovative solutions

This is a building that offers an unmatched-on-the market healthy and green working environment to help your team unlock its full potential.


The healthy working environment at Hero and the sustainable lifecycle of the building were designed to meet the leading global standards Well and BREEAM EXCELLENT. Every detail here contributes to your health and happiness, meaning better engagement and productivity for you.


Hero stands for green spaces, clean indoor air, lots of daylight, smart solutions and daily rituals thought through to the minute detail that often gets overlooked. As if it were you partner, Hero will make sure that you have a space to focus and relax, do not forget to hydrate, move and eat healthy every day. The benefits don’t end with your working hours though. Hero is surrounded by all the essential services that will let you expand your time beyond office with no worries.

New business centre

Central business district

Kalvarijų str. 24

Energy efficiency class


Expected date of completion

Q2 of 2025

New business centre
Floor areas

Floor areas

on 9, 10, 11


1900 m2

on 4 – 15


630 – 900 m2

on 2 – 3


4010 m2

hero image


In the heart of Vilnius, the central business district (CBD), the “Hero” business center is attracting investor attention. Three bond issuance tranches have already been announced, raising a total of 19.5 million euros from the market. All funds raised have been invested in the project’s development.


Last year, 13.5 million euros were borrowed from the market through the private placement of two bond tranches. This year, the third public bond tranche raised an additional 6 million euros in investments.


The total investment in the “Hero” business center will amount to 112 million euros, with plans to borrow approximately 60%—up to 67 million euros—from the market.


The modern, Class A “Hero” business center is being developed by “Realco,” a commercial and residential real estate developer with 18 years of experience in the market.


Located next to new modern business centres. In a regenerated district characterised by modern architecture.

Excellent accessibility by public transport and private vehicles, including scooters and bicycles.

Shopping centres, restaurants, banks, hotels, wellness centres, beauty and other services are nearby and within easy reach.

Project architects
Project developer


Part of the ICOR Group, real estate developer UAB Realco was founded in 2006 and today is one of the industry's leaders in Lithuania. Company's portfolio includes apartment buildings in Vilnius and Šventoji as well as commercial and public properties in the capital.

243 800 m2

Residential and commercial property areas developed by Realco.

121 500 m2

Residential and commercial property areas under development by Realco.

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