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In the heart of Vilnius, the central business district (CBD), the “Hero” business center is attracting investor attention. Three bond issuance tranches have already been announced, raising a total of 19.5 million euros from the market. All funds raised have been invested in the project’s development.


Last year, 13.5 million euros were borrowed from the market through the private placement of two bond tranches. This year, the third public bond tranche raised an additional 6 million euros in investments.


The total investment in the “Hero” business center will amount to 112 million euros, with plans to borrow approximately 60%—up to 67 million euros—from the market.


The modern, Class A “Hero” business center is being developed by “Realco,” a commercial and residential real estate developer with 18 years of experience in the market.


We invite you to familiarize yourself with the current documents containing information that will assist in making a decision regarding the investment in the construction of the ‘Hero’ business center.

Supplement no. 1 to the Base Prospectus

Final Terms for Tranche 3 2024-04-23

UAB Sostinės bokštai Resolution of all shareholders 2023-04-27

Contract for the protection of bondholders' interests

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